There are many people whose support and dedication to the science of paleontology have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to this web site. Check out the links to the Paleontology Museums and sites.

I have nothing but admiration and envy for the people who have devoted their lives to discovering, identifying and sharing their knowledge of ancient life. While we are unable to name them all, our heartfelt appreciation goes to:

Paleontologists Tyler Pinegar and Jeff Parker of Western Paleontology Labs (WPL), who first unearthed Tanycolagreus in the Bone Cabin Quarry in Albany County, Wyoming.

Clifford Miles, Chief Executive Officer, WPL, Charlie McClellan, Collections Manager, WPL, and Karen Cloward, Director of Exhibits and Education, North American Museum of Ancient Life, who went out of their way, along with their dedicated staff, to host my family and myself during the naming ceremony, July 6, 2001. These same individuals also spent their valuable time in 2000 introducing our local family members to the Museum collections and the plans for the grand opening. Charlie, a renowned fossil authority and collector, and good friend, has continued to stay in touch and provide valuable information for use on this site.

The "unnamed benefactor" who made this all possible deserves my most heartfelt and ever lasting appreciation for naming Tanycolagreus topwilsoni after me.

"Top Wilson" is the accolade accorded me by the Marines who made up the First Marine Division Informational Services Office staff in Vietnam in 1966 and '67. While it is common to call the senior enlisted member of any unit "top," I am doubly honored to still be addressed in that manner years after that war and service in the Corps has ended. My affection and admiration for these exceptionally brave and highly talented combat correspondents knows no bounds. Check out the "Snuffies" link.

I owe special thanks to the many members of the Paulson family descendents who joined with me to make the Naming Ceremony a special event. Some of them are identified in photos found on this web site.

Gary Bobzien, my son-in-law, is the creator, designer and web master of this site. He has spent many long hours building and maintaining it. I cannot find the words to describe how appreciative I am of his selfless efforts to create and improve on this site.

A special thanks goes to Dean Bowen and all of the great folks at Net-Flow Internet Solutions for hosting this site.

Lastly the love and support I get from my three children, two son-in-laws, my grandchildren, my brother and sister and their families, and my legion of cousins has made me appreciate the joy of life. What successes and accolades I have received would not have been possible without their support.

George "Tanycolagreus topwilsoni" - March 18, 2002


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